• Accepts most insurances plans including Medicare
  • Our mission is achieving overall health and wellness for our patients
  • Specialized care for pregnancy, pediatric, improved sports performance, nutritional, and physical therapy
  • Walk-in, Saturday and Emergency Appointments Available
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Chuppe Clinic

Chiropractic care is the backbone of treatment at Chuppe Clinic, but we are much more than just Chiropractors. We care about the overall health and wellness for each one of our patients.

Our talented team serves the community of Bismarck Mandan with years of experience in pain management & relief techniques, physical therapy & sports medicine procedures, and support of holistic health care through proper nutrition & exercise counseling.

In 1988, Chuppe Chiropractic was founded by Dr. Steve and Dr. Greg Chuppe. The brothers were motivated by their passion to help others live healthier lifestyles through chiropractic care.

Over the years, the Chuppe catalog of therapies and procedures expanded, so Chuppe Chiropractic eventually became Chuppe Clinic. The change reflected that the Clinic’s services and expertise had widened beyond just chiropractic care.

Today, Chuppe Clinic offers a range of treatments designed to meet current health needs of the Bismarck Mandan area in a comfortable setting in a convenient location.

Services We Provide

Our doctors specialize in chiropractic medicine, sports and physical therapy, prenatal and pediatric care, and related procedures like acupuncture and applied kinesiology.

  • Pain management & relief techniques
  • Physical therapy & sports medicine
  • Nutrition & exercise counseling

With expertise in this diverse range of treatments, our team can deliver better health results to our patients with award-winning service.

Learn about the services offered at Chuppe Clinic
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Conditions We Treat

The doctors and staff of Chuppe Clinic care for numerous conditions in patients of all ages. With chiropractic care and related treatments, our staff has helped thousands of patients overcome their back pain, neck pain, joint & arthritis pain, sciatica, bulging & herniated discs, headaches.

Chuppe Clinic has helped alleviate chronic and injury-related pains, improve performance among athletes, and provide a better quality of life for the residents in Bismarck Mandan. Have you been seeking a path to a better you?

Learn about conditions we treat at Chuppe Clinic

Pain that begins in the back, buttock or radiates down the leg.

Back Pain

Spinal misalignment is, by far, the most common cause of back and neck pain.


Headaches range from mild or annoying to severe and debilitating migraines.

Sports Performance

Sport-specific chiropractic care can optimize athletic performance.

Physical Therapy at Chuppe

Physical Therapy at Chuppe

Physical therapy is a healthcare specialty used to treat patients experiencing pain and the inability to physically move and function at their optimal level. The treatment is beneficial for patients seeking to quicken the healing process and be more in control of their physical health.

Learn how physical therapy can improve your health.

Nutrition at Chuppe

Wellness starts at Chuppe, but it doesn’t end when our patients leave the Clinic. We provide our patients sound nutritional counseling, healthy living information, and convenient online ordering for nutritional supplements.

Chuppe Clinic supports holistic health initiatives because our team wants you to be your best self.

Learn how Chuppe Clinic supports total health.
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Our Doctors' Biographies

Chuppe Clinic features chiropractic health care professionals in Bismarck Mandan. Learn more about the talented physicians that make up our team.

Official Chiropractor for the Bismarck Larks Baseball

The Bismarck Larks trust Chuppe to handle their athletes' wellbeing. Let our team care for you too!

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